Selekman Directory

Welcome to the e-mail directory.
In order to prevent spam/junk e-mail robots from harvesting the e-mail addresses listed in the Selekman online directory, we have created a special access script to bring up the directory.

To access the directory, type in selekman in the box below and click enter:

If you are interested, here is information on why we do this: A common way for junk e-mailers to find e-mail addresses is to scan every web site out there for any character resembling an @ symbol. If it finds it, it adds that e-mail to a list that will likely then receive a lot of spam (junk mail). That is why many people do not like their e-mail address posted to a web site. Any unprotected e-mail address published on the web is a target for spam, and this represents a major problem. At you are required to type in 'selekman' that a script verifies, and upon success displays the directory web page. Attempting to access the directory script without typing in 'selekman' will yield a worthless page (you can try it!) The robots that harvest web pages are not smart enough to type in text into a form, so only humans will be able to access the directory.

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